to Bellevue Restaurants

The Bellevue Restaurants are situated in historical buildings on some of the best locations in Bergen. Splendid views and peaceful surroundings add a special quality to your visit – and give you something to remember.

We are members of ”De Historiske Hotel & Spisesteder”, a selection of  Norway’s most unique hotels and restaurants and “Taste of the Coast” a culinary program celebrating the famous Norwegian seafood.

Fløien Folkerestaurant

The view from Fløyen is among the most stunning in Bergen. The city, the harbor, the islands, the mountains and the North Sea in the distance will give you a very special memory.

The Fløien Restaurant was opened next to the Funicular’s upper station in 1925. The restaurant has through the years withstood economic recessions and threats of demolition. It still stands there beautifully on top of the mountain, as alive as ever and with a touch of the 1920s…  Enjoy a tasty meal with Bergen at your feet.

Bryggen Tracteursted

Bryggen in Bergen is known around the world as one of UNESCO’s  «World Heritage Sites». It is the essence of historic Bergen and a “must see” for every visitor. In the back of Bryggen – in Bryggestredet – you will find the restaurant Bryggen Tracteursted with Svendsgården’s Schøtstue from 1708 – its Ildhus – Firehouse – and Skjenkestue –the Taproom.

The menu is based on local produce and a traditional, but modern kitchen. You can also enjoy a meal in our cozy backyard.